Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You might have a Black Eye

That is what my new dermatologist told me AFTER he did the procedure.

I had a thing on the bridge of my nose, right next to my right eye. It has probably been there for a year or so and I hadn't really thought much of it. But it started bothering me so I asked my family doctor about it. She is a very cautious doctor and wanted me to have it looked at right away. So, I made the appointment (of course it took almost a month to get in) and went yesterday. Thankfully it is right down the street from my office. The most of the time I was in the office was spent waiting, thankfully I had my Journal of Accountancy magazine (Don't EVEN comment!).

When I finally saw the doctor, he said they would need to biopsy it to see if it was cancerous, pre-cancerous or nothing to worry about. I thought for sure I would have to make another appointment to have all this done. No, no that was not the case. Within minutes he was numbing the area, lancing it off and cauterizing it! I didn't even have time to say no! Then, when all was said and done he told me that it might cause bruising and swelling and I might get a black eye. So far, no black eye, just a little discoloration. Hopefully it isn't like exercising where the second day is worse than the first! I will tell you though, that I was very apprehensive about taking the band-aid off, but it really isn't that bad. Does it have to be on my face though?

Don't worry, Lauri said that if I come to the office with a black eye, she will most definitely be taking pictures!


All Things Red said...

You know it! I have my camera in my purse at all times for moments like this! :)

The MAN Fan Club said...

Good thing you weren't concerned about a leg or an arm.

All Things Red said...

I'm kind of disappointed that there weren't any photo ops.......hee hee