Monday, December 1, 2008


My friend Lindsay always does Team in Training when she signs up to do a race. She does this for some accountability and because they provide a schedule (not to mention it is for a great cause!). Anyway, in the middle of the training, they usually have a recommitment dinner. At this time, they provide you with the rest of the training schedule and I think you have to have some of your money raised by then! I think it is a great idea because it allows those who are not really in it, or have encountered things that make it not feasible for them to continue, to bow out gracefully. It also pumps up the people who are really serious and gives them some fresh wind in their sails!

Today, 12/1 is recommitment day for me! Recommitment for my running, eating healthy, working out, strength training, etc. I gave myself the past two weeks off for the most part. I have always read that after running a big race, you should give yourself as many days of rest as the miles in the race. I ran a total of three times I think in the past two weeks, but they were light runs and shorter than I normally do.

My goal weight by the end of the year is 155, I am about 5 pounds away and with the holidays coming up, it isn't going to be easy! Not only that, but I know that the longer I wait, the harder it is going to be to get back into the swing of things. And it is about to be colder, and not nearly as nice to run in as the weather lately. So, against every bone in my body, I got out there this morning. I bundled both kids up and braced for the wind and the 40 degree temp! I am not going to lie, it was tough! I gave myself only one walk break, but after it was done, I felt so much better! I am so glad that I forced myself to do it, hopefully I won't fall off the bandwagon after Day 1! Here is my schedule:

M, W, Th - Run my neighborhood run with the kids and BG hopefully!
Sat - Run a "long" run - plan is to do 3, 6, 9, 6 each month
T/Fr - Do some sort of video or cross training
Sun - NOTHING!!! This is a day of rest :)

Hopefully I can get this back under control so that I can think of a more creative New Year's Resolution!

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Just Jackie said...

I stand in awe of you, Erin. I really do. You are one of the most self-motivated people I have ever met (and that's a complimnent!). You have this intrinsic, innate desire to fight the fight.

Good for you!
Keep up the good work...