Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Goals

I sat down and did these a while back, much closer to the beginning of the year, but I am just now putting them on the blog. My reasoning for putting them here is the accountability. I am hoping that you will ask me about them periodically and help me stay on task. So, here goes it...

1. Stop gossiping - this one is going to be tough. A long time ago I realized that when I share secrets, people find out about it and then stop telling me, so I became a good secret keeper. But my intentions were more about not getting in trouble, than to not gossip. So now comes the hard part, stopping gossip when it is told to me. One of the first steps in this process is to get a good understanding of what gossip is. More on this in another post!

2. Work on seeing others in the shadow of the cross - this is something our pastor talked about and I have a very hard time with. I tend to judge people and compare them to myself or other people that I like. Our pastor gave a great visual, he put his arms up to form a cross right in front of his face, so if you see me doing that, don't laugh :)

3. Lose 10 pounds - this should be a pretty easy goal, but I want to do it the right way, exercise and food choices. I want it to stay off! So, within this big goal, I am going mini-goals! Last week was to run three times, get back into the swing of things. Mission accomplished! This week, run 4 times and do Wii two times!

4. Run 2 Half Marathons. I am definitely going to do the SA half again and I need to find one in May to do in the metroplex. Maybe next year I can do one somewhere exciting!

5. Stick to my cleaning schedule. To help me with this I have adopted the "don't skip" mantra. If you skip even a day, you are more likely to skip again and then it starts to spiral out of control and seems to be unmanageable, which does not help with #7. I am using this mantra for a lot of things in my life, it helps all of the tasks remain small and not turn into a great big harry monster!

6. Posture/Core - I really need to improve my posture and my core strength. I have horrible posture and I can tell my weak core contributes to this.

7. Get my anxiety under control! I started a new Bible Study last night that should help with this!

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