Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grocery Game Supporter turned Participant

BG has always been a supporter of me doing the grocery game. He enjoys the savings and since he is the cook, he is really good about using what groceries we have to make dinner, he is creative like that. Anyway, the other day there were some really good deals at Albertson's, and I hate going there. So I told him that if he wanted the steaks, then he had to go and I would give him a list of other stuff to get there as well. Usually this is a BAD idea! BG in a grocery store is like a kid in a candy store. He can find all sorts of stuff he "needs" and always spends way too much money! So with list in hand, in he went, with strict orders to stick to the list and only the list. When he got home, he was so excited! He showed me his receipt and was so proud of how much money he saved! Good job Honey! Now maybe he will continue to do the Albertson's run, doubtful!

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