Friday, January 30, 2009


I just got back from my annual scrapbook retreat! It was so much fun and I definitely miss those ladies. I go every year with a group of girls from our old church. Every year there is someone new, because someone has stopped coming, but for the most part it is the same group. We had 13 girls this year and stayed at the same place we did last year. This was our 4th year to do it, we did two at one place and the last two at a different place. It is so nice because we are all really comfortable with each other. We pretty much don't get dressed for 3 days! We got to check in on Friday and 9 am and didn't have to leave until Sunday at 6 pm. This year I got there early on Friday, which made a huge difference. I got on a roll on Friday and got 20+ pages done. I had to go to my company party on Saturday night, so I was glad that I had already gotten some good progress. When I got home on Sunday, around 5, I counted my pages, and I had done 56! That is by far the most that I have ever done. The funny thing is, this is the first year that I went and didn't have a set goal in mind. The thing that really helped me is that I had a bunch of layouts that I had done in advance in a workshop, so I just had to add the pictures. So, in case you are keeping count, I finished up SD's album of her first year, yes she is 2.5, I got Linus' album up to date through August and almost finished 2007. Now, I can get started on finishing 2007, and starting on 2008! I did decide that I think I need two retreats to stay caught up. Then maybe I can finish my mom's albums that I promised her years ago! (I got 3 out of 4 done!)

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