Friday, January 2, 2009

Planning Your Time

I was reading something the other day, I think it was my Bible Study, and this quote was in there..

"Analyze your day, pin point the daily pressure times & plan for them."

I thought this was a great idea. We can all find times in our day that are more hectic than others. Most of the time it is is the same time, or time period each day. Dinner time, getting ready for work, mornings in general, etc.

My job is very flexible and thankfully so is my boss. I don't have to be there at any certain time and I don't punch a time clock. Not to mention that my commute is heavenly. So usually time at work is not an issue, but it has become one. I am trying to only have to pump once at the office and nurse Linus the rest of the time, for a multitude of reasons. Because of this, I need to leave home by a certain time, and leave the office so Linus doesn't starve (if you have seen him, you know this isn't even a slight possibility, he could hibernate for the winter and be fine :) ) So my mornings have gotten significantly more stressful as I try and get a lot accomplished and get out the door! I have tried to plan for this, sometimes packing my lunch the night before. Giving myself time deadlines, must be in the shower by 6:30, etc. I find that the days I do this, it goes much smoother than the days I fly by the seat of my pants.

Another pressure point for our family, Sunday mornings! Getting all of us up and ready on a weekend morning is rough.

I find that I am so much shorter with our kids and BG when I am rushing and it seems like SD drags her feet much more when we are running late! I hate that I get that way and I am really going to try to put this in place for our family, I think it will help all of our sanity!

What are your pressure times and what do you do to help make them less stressful?

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Therapy Mom said...

Just before dinner! Using the crockpot or cooking in the afternoon during naptime/preschool really helps me pay attention to the boys during that "pre-dinner" rush!