Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bath Time Funnies

Last night I was giving the kids a bath, thankfully since they are still little, I can bathe them together. Here is just a little glimpse into our life, kids are funny!

Linus - I am used to giving girls a bath, and evidently boys are very different, even at the ripe age of 7 months. This is how our bath process goes..I turn on the water and as it warms up, I get Linus undressed. Then I put him in his bath sling and start helping SD, who has already started to disrobe on her own. So as I am helping SD, I look over and what is Linus doing, well he is making sure his manhood is intact, just in case some crazy monster came and stole it from him since the last time he checked. And what caused him to notice his manhood, well peeing of course! I guess the self-made water feature caused him to be very entertained by its source!

SD - While I dress Linus, SD gets to play some more, or as she calls it swimming! I glance over and she has her head on Linus' bath sling and is just relaxing, I can see it now, she will do what every normal Texas girl does in college, spend most of her afternoons on a raft at some apartment complex pool! So, I get her out and in to her room to get her dressed, and well, she is 2, so she wants to do it herself. It almost made me pee my pants watching her try and pull up her panties when her little two year old rear end is still damp from the bath! I had to hide my smile because she was very proud of herself, never mind if I had left her panties as is, it would look like she had some sort of padding back there, because they were all rolled up and that can't be comfortable!

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