Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh

So yesterday I took a personal day to recover from my scrapbook retreat! I was so glad I did because it is always hard to jump right back into the swing of things after being gone. And I hate coming back on Sunday night feeling rushed. So anyway, I had scheduled an appointment for Linus to get his monthly picture taken. First, we were running late because Linus was still sleeping, so I called to move it an hour. They said no big deal because there was no one scheduled yesterday until 4, so to take my time. So we get there and for some reason we still had to wait. So I got busy changing the kids clothes and all of a sudden I look over and SD was doing a little dance. Mind you I had already asked her no less than 5 times if she needed to go potty. So then she yells out, Mommy I need to go potty, then proceeds to squat and start peeing on the floor. Yes, she peed on the floor of the Picture People. I kept telling her to stop, and threw all of our garb on the stroller, grabbed Linus and scooped her. She stopped, a little, and finished when we got to the bathroom. Thankfully, I had already changed her into her dress, so she didn't get any on her clothes, only their floor! So, our pictures were delayed, again, while the nice lady in the store mopped it up, I had offered, but evidently they are prepared for this sort of thing. So then we finally get the pictures taken, not easy since Linus was crabby and SD did not want to smile. It takes them 15 minutes or so to pull them up so we went out to watch the fountain and to finish feeding Linus. As SD was over near the fountain, she yells out again, Mommy I need to go poop, while she is starting to crouch over. You have never seen a lady with two small kids move so fast! Thankfully my weekend away left me refreshed and missing my sweet children or else, I might not have laughed. I probably would have been crying! But really, what else can you do in a situation like that!


$5 Dinner Mom said...

I'm sure that's not the first time that's happened there! And way to be SWIFT :)

LOL! Can't wait to see you guys!

All Things Red said...

OK, I laughed out loud at that one - I would've paid money to see your face in the photo place when she started going potty on the floor!!! hahaha

sbharris said...

hilarious! precious kiddos!