Monday, February 2, 2009

A Spending Fast

My friend Becca did this last year and she said it was so liberating! I was on my friend's website and she mentioned it, so I might just give it a try! It would be really nice, I feel like my spending has gotten out of control this past month. But I have plenty of excuses as to why not to do it! Like birthday's etc. Hmm, might have to have some modification. The other problem is that in anticipation of doing it, I am thinking of all the things I want to go out and spend money on before I commit to it!

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Just Jackie said...

Good luck!
I read a blog about this on or somewhere like that. The author was doing one and he'd forgotten that his wife's birthday was coming up so she ended up taking the family out to dinner for her birthday and paying for it. He said he felt pretty bad but pride got the better of him and almost ruined his marriage. :)

Not trying to send you bad juju -- just think it out.

Can't wait to read how it goes!