Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a Bird

So, early this morning, I was putting my coffee cup in the sink and heading to take a shower. I looked down and there was some green stuff on the floor. I asked BG if he had smushed a bug or something on the floor (I thought maybe he stepped on one and didn't notice, because it is not like him to leave a mess). He said no, so I figured one of the dogs had puked! So, I reach under the sink to get some paper towels to clean it up and that is when it happened. Something dive-bombed my head!!! I ran out of the kitchen, not knowing what it was.

BG was in the study and I asked him ever so calmly (right?!?!?!) to please remove the flying thing from the house. He went into the kitchen and the sweet little bird flew by, and landed on top of my cabinets, near the flowers of course. Poor thing was trying to get out of the picture window, with no luck of course. So BG opened the back door and was going to "flush" him out by walking from the dining room. I grabbed two throw pillows from the couch to guide him. As BG walked toward the kitchen, the little guy flew around (not towards the door) and when he got close to me, I ducked, a whole lot of help I was!

I told BG to open the front door and I started walking from the kitchen to the dining room, because the little bird was now in the plants on top of my hutch. As I walked, with the pillows covering my face, he started flying towards the front door, with a pit stop on my curtain rods and then on the front door. Finally, out he went and we were bird free! I am really not a fan of birds, but this little guy was pretty cute! Too bad SD and Linus were still asleep when this all happened, they would have enjoyed it!

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