Friday, April 17, 2009

Poo in the Tub

Okay, so I have experienced this 3 times in the past week!! Really, it had only happened once before when SD was a baby. It is so awful and what do you do? So, here are my three scenarios...

Poo #1 - I had gotten Linus out of the tub and let SD stay in there and play for a little while. Since their bathroom is in between their rooms, I can dress one while the other ones plays in the tub. So, I was getting Linus dressed and set him down and went back in to get SD. She was standing in the tub, leaning over the side looking at the water drip on the floor. I went to grab her and that is when I saw it, she had gone in the tub! REALLY! The child has been potty-trained for months now! Not to mention she had just gone potty before we got IN the bath! Thankfully she was not playing with it, or even in the water for that matter!

Poo #2 - The very next night, the kids were once again taking a bath and I had finished bathing them, so they were just sitting there playing. All of a sudden Linus started making that face, you know the one I am talking about. So, I grabbed him out of the tub when I realized what he was doing. My plan was to whisk him into his room and throw a diaper on him before he actually performed the deed. But no, not so much. As I lifted him out of the tub, out it came onto the floor! Yuck!!!!

Poo #3 - Once again, the very next night, Linus did it all over again.

Really, can I catch a break?

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Loni said...

So not fun.

I think every single child does this after potty training, at least once, just to see what happens.

As for Linus, it sounds like he's so relaxed and comfy in there that he just can't help himself.

I too, hope this phase passes for both of them (no pun intended).