Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Great Flood of 2009

On Monday afternoon, I received a call from BG saying that he had received a call from his mom that he never wanted to receive. She called him and said, "You wouldn't happen to be on your way home, would you?" He made the decision, that although he wasn't on his way home before the call, he was now on his way home. This is how the story was recounted to me...

My MIL was taking SD to the bathroom and after she flushed, she was helping her get dressed and wash her hands. SD said, "Nana, I wet" that is when my MIL realized that she too was wet. She turned around to see water POURING out of the toilet. We still don't know exactly what happened or what caused it, but basically, the hall toilet was overflowing!! She quickly put SD and Linus down for their naps and started trying to get it under control. She wasn't able to turn off the water to the toilet and the tank was not filling up, so the water was continuing to pour out of the toilet. She finally stuck a role of toilet paper in the tank so that the water would stop.

By that time, I think BG was home and they started the task of cleaning up the flood. Basically, the water was all down the hall, in Linus's room, in the kids bathroom, in the front hall and flowing out onto the front porch from under Linus's window! I now have 3 rugs that are still drying out and I am pretty sure that they used every single towel in our house. I ended up doing 6 loads of towels!!!!!

Thankfully, as of right now, there is no damage to our beautiful wood floors or anything else. We still have fans blowing in all the affected areas to help dry them out and the rugs are still a work in progress, but we were very fortunate. As soon as the rugs get dry, I will be using the rug cleaner (that I almost gave away!) to get them all nice and clean!!!

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All Things Red said...

Oh man, that is NO BUENO! Sorry to hear about your tidal wave at home!!!!