Monday, May 4, 2009

Cleaning Again

I was looking through my prayer journal and noticed my New Year's Resolutions/Hopes for 2009. One of my goals was to stay on my cleaning schedule. I am HORRIBLE with follow through, and this has been no exception! I have done pretty well with the beginning of the week, but by Thursday, aka bathroom day, I fall off the wagon. And as for my monthly deep cleaning, I have done okay on it, but not stellar.

I really felt like it was time for a re commitment to this particular goal. This is a great time to renew my dedication to cleaning, because I am on a 6 month rotating schedule, so I am about to be on round 2 of the plan. I think that women are called to be happy at home. I don't think that this necessarily means that you have to be a stay at home mom or wife, but I do think that it means that your primary focus (on Earth) should be your family and your home. I think these days we are so busy outside of the home, that we do not focus on our biggest investment. You spend lots of money paying for your house, why not keep it nice and why not spend your time there instead of spending money spending time elsewhere! So, off my soapbox and back to cleaning....

I clean a little every night and try to stay on top of it. It is so much easier for me to do a little every night than to waste an entire Saturday cleaning instead of spending time with my family. I think it is also good to get your kids involved. SD helps me almost every time I clean, if she is awake. Most of the time, I do my cleaning after the kids go to bed, usually from about 8-9 and then that gives me time to relax before I go to bed, whether it is watching TV/cuddling with BG, reading, or scrapbooking. Some days it doesn't get done, but I am trying to get better about just picking it up the next day, instead of letting it throw my whole routine off!

I read in my Bible Study recently that it is a good idea to have a cleaning caddy with the proper supplies in each room. I think I am going to modify this to be by day. See, I do all one cleaning action in a day, I don't do it by room. I think this is more effective, because I don't have to drag out all of my supplies each time and my house is only about 2,000 sq ft, so there is not THAT much ground to cover. I think if we had a two story house, it would be a little different, but since our house is one story, this works. The only problem with getting more cleaning caddies, is I just don't know where they would fit in my organized laundry room!

Have fun cleaning!

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