Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Cleaning

So, since I am back on my cleaning kick, I thought I would start sharing with you what I do each month! Like I said, I have broken our house into 6 areas and I focus on one of them each month and then repeat! Nice how that works out, isn't it!! Here is my area focus:

Jan/Jul - Formal Rooms (living and dining room)
Feb/Aug - Kitchen
Mar/Sept - Bedrooms
Apr/Oct - Bathrooms
May/Nov - Main Areas
Jun/Dec - Playroom

So, May is the Main Areas in our house, which consist of the front hall, family room and the study. Although there are 5 weekends in May, one is out of commission because it is Linus' birthday party. Here is what I have for the month of May:

2nd - Family Room - baseboards, dust walls, TV Cabinet and Fireplace Mantle
9th - Study - Baseboards, pocket doors, dust walls and organize the closet
23rd - wipe down and vacuum all furniture
30th - English Oil and Re-organize Study Shelves/Desk

Last weekend I actually did do all that stuff, and it was nice to get that extra layer of dust off. This weekend will be focused on the study. The hardest part is going to be the closet for a couple of reasons. First, we just don't have a good system of organization in there. BG works from home a lot of the time and he keeps all of his files, etc at home. The closet has a lot of it and he has a lot of stuff. We have a built in closet unit in there, but it is mainly shelves. I don't know, it is going to be rough. I think I need to get some storage units and get it a little more hidden in there. I have a feeling that my label maker is going to be in full swing today!! I will take before and after shots if I remember!

Have a great day!

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Marie A said...

Thank you for this girlfriend. Its an inspiration. :-)