Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day thanks to my wonderful husband! It was so relaxing and calm and at the same time, I got a lot done. One thing that I did was go to the grocery store, which is my Sunday tradition. SD loves going to the store, so a lot of times I take her with me. She is usually pretty good and helps me put the groceries on the belt to pay for them. At the first grocery store (I go to three each week) she wanted to ride in the basket that has space for extra kids. Since I only had her, I told her that we didn't need that one since we didn't have Linus and that we were going to use the regular basket. She started to throw a fit of course! I calmly told her that I was using the regular basket and going inside and that if she wanted to come with me, she was welcome to, if not, she could stay outside! She quickly got in the basket and that was the end of the fit. I was really proud of how calm I remained and how the fit was quickly nipped in the bud! As we were walking in, a nice man told me good job! I know it seems small and it probably no big deal to him, but it totally made my day!!! For the most part we use the concepts taught in Love & Logic, but our parenting class is talking about first time obedience. We are trying to work on the first time obedience, but I think that it can be used in conjunction with Love and Logic! I do think that using Baby Wise when they were little did set the stage, but I like how we give them choices now and put the responsibility on them, which I think lines up with the Bible!

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