Friday, May 1, 2009

"My Husband Rocks" Friday!

One of the many blogs that I subscribe to had this on it today and I think it is an awesome idea! Click here to read about it! So, here it goes!

My husband rocks, because this week, he read me like a book! When Linus was sick and his fever had soared to 103, I was panicked. Not wanting SD to get sick, I was thinking that maybe we should send her over to my in-laws for the night. Before even mentioning it to him, he looked and me and said, "Do you want me to take SD over to Mom's house for the night?" Yes, Yes and Yes!! It was so great that he just flew into action and could read the worry on my face. Not only did he suggest it, but he packed her bag (with minor supervision - what can I say, I am controlling), got everything together and took her over to his parent's house. The next day he went over there to check on her and called to see if she could stay there another night, just in case. Although I missed SD terribly, it was such a huge relief that I could focus on Linus and that she wouldn't be at as big of a risk of catching whatever he had!

So, that is why my husband rocks!

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