Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scorpion Queen

Our old house was in a developing neighborhood and for a long time, I had to run around our little section 3 times just to get my mileage in. When they finally opened up Phase II, I would run in there, before there were houses or even street lights. One particular morning, when I was doing just that, I stumbled on what I thought was a brood of very large scorpions. I was totally freaked out and ran home quickly to tell BG about it. He laughed at me and later went to drive around to find these scorpions. Turns out they were crayfish, which I have never seen alive before, and they look similar enough, and they had their tales up, so I wasn't totally crazy. Did I mention that I run early in the morning, clearly I wasn't fully awake! Anyway, back on track...

Yesterday morning, I took the kids running with me. We live near a wooded area that has a creek and a lot of open space. As we were running, I looked ahead, and on the path I saw a dark thing moving. From far away it kind of looked like a curled up leaf, maybe blowing in the wind. As I got closer, I saw that it was not a leaf, but instead a crayfish. This time I knew what they were (see above!). I showed it to SD and told her what it was, etc. I could barely contain myself, BG was NEVER going to believe me! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera or my phone, which I usually carry, or I would have evidence. I thought it was one loan crayfish that had escaped the creek, then I looked in the dewy grass and they were EVERYWHERE!!!

That will wake you up!

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All Things Red said...

That is pretty much DISGUSTING! I would've screamed and woken up the whole neighborhood!