Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Kind of Like Water

SD got a tea set for Linus' birthday, I know, I know! Anyway, she is LOVING it and I must admit, it is really cool. The cups turn a darker pink when they have "tea" in them. It also has a little tray and everything fits perfectly in its very own spot, a total blessing for us OCD girls!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, she wanted to have a tea party, so I told her that we could after she woke up from her nap. So, staying true to my word, we went out on the deck and had a "Tea" Party. I put out a little mat and filled the pitcher up with water. I also surprised her with some left over birthday cake, which thrilled her! She did a great job of pouring tea for me and herself. I told her that it was really good and asked if I could have some more tea please. She responded with, "Ummm, it's kind of like water." Too funny!

I guess that she doesn't fully understand pretend! Someday, someday!

The funny thing is that our friend Melissa taught her how to hold the top of the teapot on with her finger, so as to not spill the tea. Melissa claimed it is a life skill, she is from Mississippi! SD has totally picked up on it and pours tea like a true southern bell! I smell Kappa in her future :)

These are truly the memories that I cherish making!

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Loni said...

Such a sweet story...and such a good mom! :)