Sunday, June 14, 2009

SD's 3rd Birthday

SD's third birthday was last Monday, so I decided to take the day off work! I really want to try and do this each year for the kids so that they have a special day! We had the most amazing day as a family, and we didn't really do anything spectacular, just spent time together. We started the morning just hanging out, then I worked on making SD's robe that she requested. Then the kids and I went for a quick jog and got ready to go look at a patio table. After getting the table, we picked up some lunch and went to the park. SD had gotten a kite for her birthday (BG does all the toy shopping) and she wanted to fly it. We went to the park in our neighborhood and had a picnic lunch followed by BG running around like a maniac and SD following him giggling out of control. They did the kite up for a while, but either way SD had a blast. Then it was back home for naps, much needed naps, the kids were exhausted!

It was so refreshing and amazing to have such a great day with my family. It is days like this that I cherish and try to burn into my memory!

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