Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tub Toning

So my kids love to take baths. It doesn't take me long to bathe them and then they just hang out and play with their toys. (Yes, they are still at the age that I can bathe them together, although I think that is coming to a close soon!) I don't want to take that fun time away from them, but Momma has stuff to get done! I am also very paranoid about leaving them in the water by themselves, seeing as Linus has somehow tumped over and was underwater twice, and I was just getting a towel! Anyway, I figured out that I can do some toning while they are playing! Some nights I do tricep dips on the counter, sometimes push ups on the wall, squats, lunges, you know! You don't need any equipment and it is really a great use of time!

Try it!

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