Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Cleaning

So, the focus for June is the playroom/scrapbook area! I have been doing pretty well at keeping up with my nightly cleaning, which makes me really happy. This has allowed me to do the deep cleaning on the weekends, and actually not spend much time away from my kids or husband to clean. Good thing too, because since Summer has begun, the weekends have gotten busier! So, here is the schedule for June:

1st Weekend - Toys: clean out, organize and wipe down (Done!!)
2nd Weekend - Nothing, this is SD's birthday weekend, so we will have a lot to do!
3rd Weekend - Clean the baseboards, blinds and windows
4th Weekend - Organize and clean out scrapbook stuff (hopefully my paper filing system will be here by then!)

So, are you with me?

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Loni said...

Summer is usually when I tackle the bigger housekeeping projects. Last year I was so busy with school that I really didn't have time for anything else but school. This summer I have purposely not made any school commitments (yea me!), and already my house is looking better. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going for the next couple of months!