Tuesday, September 15, 2009


To most people today's date is just another day. For me, today has kind of crept on me, because it no longer carries a lot of weight. Back in the day, when I was "in the biz", also know as public accounting. This day was the beginning of the end. You see, most people think that April 15th is tax day, but really that day doesn't carry a whole lot of weight when you do business taxes. Business returns for the most part are due on March 15th, but are hardly ever filed then. Granted, you still have tons of work to get done then, because you have to estimate what people should be paying. But then you extend them until September. You think, oh, this is great, we will have a lot more time to get the returns done, but that rarely happens. The summer slips away and once again it is crunch time, late hours, little sleep and eating food that is bad for you at 2 am.

I say it is the beginning of the end, because there are still more deadlines to be met. Partnerships and Individuals are extended until October 15th, and then there is the good old Texas return which is due on November 15th.

I am so thankful that this no longer causes strife in my life. It made me very thankful for my current position when I saw some of my friends status updates over labor day weekend. Poor things still stuck in public accounting had to work the entire weekend.

Just another thing that I am thankful for!

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