Monday, September 14, 2009

Pre-school jitters

SD has started pre-school and is loving every minute of it. I on the other hand nearly had an anxiety attack about it. It wasn't because she was going to be out of my care or anything like that, it was more the work that it was going to take. You see, when I signed her up, I did so thinking it was no big deal. I thought it was a drop your kid off, the play and color and then you pick them up. Boy was I wrong. BG & I went to the orientation and walked away with homework! We had to color their name tag for them and then we had to bring in pictures for something that they were doing. Then they gave us homework to do with our preschooler, we had to add bling to their bags. Of course, being the rule follower and perfectionist that I am, it all had to be done before her first day of school, two days later! Talk about stressed!

Not only that, but she has homework weekly, so far it has just been a color sheet that she has to glue pictures of the color on, but that involves scissors, glue and me helping! We are settling in to the routine of all of this, but I can't imagine what kind of mess I am going to be when she and Linus are in actual school! And now, we have the big project to do, the "All about me" booklet that they sent home. Something else that they told us about at orientation and then we didn't get until last week, which had me asking BG to ask her teacher about it on his turn to drop her off.

On top of all that, we have to send a snack once a month and wear spirit colors once a week. I almost failed at this on the first week. SD was all ready to go to school when I remembered that she was supposed to wear her school shirt. We had to do a quick change because I realized this about 2 minutes before BG was taking her to school. I know that it really isn't that big of a deal if she doesn't wear the right color, I mean she is only 3, but anything I can do to keep her out of therapy, I am all for!

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