Tuesday, November 10, 2009


BG does a lot of work around the house on the weekends. It typically involves getting on the roof or in the attic for some reason. Last weekend, he ran some extra telephone lines (a new skill he can add to his home improvement resume) which meant a lot of crawling around in tight attic spaces. These tasks always seem to make him sore, he is getting old you know. So at the end of the day, he has quite the ritual....shower, advil, and using ben-gay or icy-hot.

The smell of this stuff brings back such memories for me. The only time I used that stuff was in High School when I was on the dance team. Every summer we would go to dance camp, where we would dance and stretch and perform 10 hours a day, it seemed like, for a week straight. After the first day, we were always so sore, because we had been able to relax for a good part of the summer and our muscles were just not used to that much work! The smell of Ben-Gay would fill the halls as we all tried to help our fatigued muscles recover.

Isn't' it funny how smells bring back memories? What are some smells that evoke memories for you?

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