Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Room Deep Clean

This weekend I worked on deep cleaning our great room. This is where we spend most of our time and I let my kids eat in there when they have snack, so you can only imagine. The focus of this weekend was mainly surface level.

I cleaned the fan and then used my fan cleaner to dust down the walls. I also used it to clean some of my metal wall hangings. I have lots of iron stuff on my walls and it is very scrolly, pretty, but a haven for dust!

Then, I worked on my baseboards. I moved all of the furniture away from the walls and onto my hands and knees I went. I use pledge wipes to do my baseboards. I like them because they are not too wet where they would drip on my wood floors, but they are moist enough to really get the dust off. Once the baseboards were done, I figured I might as well clean the floors where they never get cleaned since they have furniture over them. I try to do this more than just twice a year and it never fails, I always find toys that we have been missing for quite some time.

The last things on the to-do list were the mantle and TV cabinet. I usually dust these every week, but rarely do I move all of the decorations on the mantle or dust behind the TV, moving all of the Wii games and controllers. I also dusted my recessed lights, it just amazes me how those things collect dust and cobwebs!

The only problem with all this cleaning and dust already agitated allergies were not happy! Oh well, I am glad that I have gotten it out of my house so the air is a little cleaner!

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