Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marathon Momma

This year I decided I wanted to try for 4 Half Marathons! An ambitious goal and double what I did last year. Well...I am halfway there. The first one was really special because I did it with the cousins on my husband's side of the family in honor of my sister in law who passed away this past Christmas. So here are my thoughts from the first two:

Dallas Rock 'n Roll - March 2010

  • Awesome to run with family

  • Not that well prepared

  • Time 2:29

  • Interesting course, but kind of hilly

Heels & Hills - Irving - May 2010

  • Ran all by myself, I didn't even have any fans to cheer me on :(

  • I was in a very odd place mentally, really struggling with some issues, so it gave me some great time to think and process what was happening

  • Time 2:19:58, took 10 minutes off my time!

  • Calories burned - 2552

  • Very flat course, the name of the race is a misnomer :)

I have two more scheduled for the year, one of which I am already signed up for, one I haven't signed up for yet. I will be doing the Heels, Hills & Him in September and then The San Antonio Rock 'n Roll in November with my best friend from HS.

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