Friday, July 2, 2010


For 5 or 6 years now BG has been participating in a local cook-off. It has become an annual tradition and even prompted him to purchase his very own smoker on a trailer. I have strict instructions that nothing is to be planned on that weekend! I almost messed that up one year, the year SD was born. It was so hot out there and I stayed out there pretty much the whole time. The cookoff just happened to be 3 days before SD was due, so we were chancing it to begin with. As they were giving out the awards, I started having contractions and was miserable. I downed a bunch of water and we raced to my inlaws house where I could take a cool shower and try to relax. We decided it was time to head home, but weren't sure if we should go home or to the hospital. By the time we got close, the contractions had calmed down and all I wanted to do was go home! Turns out SD didn't come for a couple more days and she only came then because they forced her out!

All that to say that this cookout is integrated into our family life. The kids go up there now and we really look forward to it. It is kind of the beginning of our summer, it means that summer is really here. Well, this year was the last year for that. They are moving the cookoff to April, which will be nice for the weather, but it will be different! If you are in the area, you should come check it out, it is some good people watchin'!

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