Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So...another reason (excuse) why I haven't blogged is our weekend activities and home improvement. Easter weekend we repainted pretty much our entire house! The funny thing is it was all because of one little patch in the hall. When we moved in there was a digital thermostat that BG didn't like I guess...so he changed it. Being the Type A guy that he is, he patched and painted the area, and it never looked right. He tried EVERYTHING! We tried the paint cans in the garage, we went and got a can of the actual paint, we used texture to make sure that wasn't the issue. After living with it for a couple of years, he decided we should just go ahead and repaint the hall....and if we were going to repaint the hall, we might as well paint the entire rest of the house. So since we are at it...why not change the color. We ended up going from a greenish tan to a sunny yellow in most of the house. It has dramatically helped lighten the house up since our ceilings are low. And while we are at it...why not just paint the hall bath and our master bath? So we went from having only painted the kids rooms, to having repainted all but one bathroom, the playroom and the kitchen/laundry room! So....here are some before and after pics...
My wall of crosses in the hall before.

The dining room before.
The den after. Much brighter!

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