Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Sandman

As a small child, I had a recurring nightmare.  It happened so often or I guess was so vivid, that I still remember it in detail to this day, and it has probably been 20 years since I dreamed it.  My nightmare was about being kidnapped, I was terrified of it.  In my dream, the kidnappers had painted the inside of a moving van to look like my bedroom and one of them had dressed up like my mom and brought me breakfast.  I am not sure where I even came up with any of these details, but they were very vivid in my dream.  I think that some people dream more than others and some are more vivid and more easily remembered. 

I think that SD has inherited my dreaming abilities.  She woke up this morning, EARLY (around 5) and said that she had a dream about a lizard.  I tucked her back into bed and we talked about it a little bit.  She said, "I don't like to dream."  I can totally understand her fears, it is awful waking up from a dream that seems so real and the thought of falling back asleep only to jump right back into that dream is awful.  But then there are those awesome dreams, that leave a smile on your face, or make you laugh.  I tried to explain to her that sometimes dreams are fun and exciting, and to think about things that you want to dream about (for her this would include Fancy Nancy, dress up and princess stuff!) 

So...what is your dream life like?

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