Friday, July 30, 2010


I have been subscribing to 2 different scrapbook magazines for a couple of years now.  I have always wanted to make use out of my magazine subscriptions (of all kinds) so I typically tear out pages that I want to use in the future...good ideas, recipes, websites to go look at.  Unfortunately, I have a problem with follow through for the most part.  I have a HUGE stack of recipes that need to be entered into our recipe software, that just seems to keep growing.  From my scrapbook magazines, I have torn out ideas about layouts, organization tips, new products, etc.  I have organized all of these (you are shocked aren't you?) into binders, complete with dividers and labeled on the outside.  The first time I took my idea binder to my scrapbook retreat, I was made fun of incessantly!  Funny how almost everyone there has used them by the end of the retreat...everyone but me! 

I have so many ideas now, that I actually have two binders...and they keep getting added to, but nothing taken away!  So, I decided I needed to actually start using these ideas or really what good were they?  In scrapbooking lingo, this is called scraplifting.  Here are my binders (notice how big they are), the idea and my rendition of it.
My two binders...on my scrapbook table.  I love my Dynmo label maker...
The top one is my copy, which still needs a white flower added to it.
I really liked this one and was able to use up some supplies I have had for a long time.

Cute little lady!
The other thing that I am starting to do is get picture ideas from my idea book.  So, I know we are doing an activity that I saw a cute layout for...take similar pictures so that it lends itself to copy the idea.  One example of this was a splash park, there was a cute idea and we were going to a birthday party at a splash I studied up and got some similar pics! 

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Loni said...

I love this idea, as I do the same thing! I have binders for gift ideas, travel, crafting and recipes. They have been great resources over the years.