Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We have started our garden...finally!  I "adopted" a garden from a local church at the very beginning of the summer.  The only problem is that it was at the end of the spring growing season and really too late to plant anything for summer, so we had to wait!  In the meantime, I ordered the book on Square Foot gardening and waited until the last minute to skim it in order to plan my fall garden.  What we did take time to do is make these really cute markers out of milk jug tops, milk jugs, white duct tape and gooly eyes.  I think they are so cute and really set our garden apart from the others.  The kids had a blast making them and so far they are standing up to the watering really well.  We had one googly eye fall off and SD named that one the monster since it has only one eye.  So far we have planted broccoli and carrots, but we will be planting stuff almost every weekend for the next couple of weeks :)  Here is to hoping that it actually produces and I stick with it :)

Bug Markers
Carrot Marker

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