Monday, August 30, 2010

Dumpster Decorating

Evidently our neighborhood has some great trash!  I typically run outside a couple of days a week and it just so happens that I run on trash day.  I have found some great stuff, and am not above lugging it home on the jog stroller and fixing it up.  I have found a barbie jeep for SD, BG found a Harley "Motorcycle" for Linus, a mirror for SD's room, a mirror for our living room and a booster seat.  It is so much fun to find this great stuff all for free.  Usually it just needs to be cleaned up and maybe redone a little, thankfully I have a very handy husband and a creative eye! 

The mirror in SD's room...all it needed was some paint and a replacement mirror
Upclose detail of the girly!  I love it!
Mirror in our living room, all it needed was some stain and the hanger to be fixed.
BG also found these sconces at Lowe's on major clearance, they were only $10 a piece I think and he hung and wired them to a switch.  They have really dressed up our formal living room. 

So...are you inspired to check out your neighbors trash?  Just don't let it become  your trash or junk up your house, have a plan when you pick it up or resolve to just leave it there!

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