Friday, August 13, 2010

Ice Cream Sunday

We have started a little Sunday evening tradition around here.  On Sunday evening, we grill out and eat dinner "Alfresco" as SD would tell us.  The kids typically swim in our fancy large blow up pool while we get dinner ready.  After a yummy grilled dinner, the whole family gets in the pool (yes, it is big enough) and we play a LOT!  BG is really good at playing with the kids in the pool, afterall, he is just a big kid!  Then out we go and have ice cream on the deck.  The nice thing is that it doesn't matter if the kids get it all over them, because they are in their swim suits, outside and about to have a shower!  It really tires them out, so they sleep well on Sunday night and really does set the tone for the week.  Only problem, our pool has malfunctioned now, so I don't know if this routine has stopped or just paused :)  At least it made it through the hot summer for the most part!
Family time in the pool with Gigi!

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