Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twisted Tuesday/Weird Wednesday

I have been working from home one day a week since Linus was born.  It started out as part of coming back from maternity leave and I asked for it to continue.  I think at first I was at home T/TH and then maybe switched to Wednesday.  For the last year and a half though, I have been working from home on Tuesdays.  This year SD is going to school MWF, so I have switched to Wednesday so that I am able to take her to school one day a week.  I have only been doing it for two weeks now and it is totally jacking up my schedule.  My cleaning schedule worked really nicely with being at home on Tuesdays.  I had purposefully put laundry, changing sheets and cleaning the floors on the day I worked from home.  I can change the laundry loads while working and then since I don't have to commute, I am able to clean the floors and not be up late.  So when I switched to Wednesday at home, I thought...well I will just move everything forward a day.  Problem is, it doesn't work, it throws off the whole week.  The biggest problem is that I like ironing on Wednesday when my shows are on, gives me something to do.  I have been playing around with my schedule and so far I think the following works the best:

M - kitchen and windex
T - laundry and floors
W - ironing, dusting and changing sheets
TH - bathrooms
F - laundry and floors
S - ironing if I feel like it, if not, it hangs out until W :)

So, isn't that an exciting post!

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