Thursday, September 2, 2010

Closet Organization

 The "Yaffa" blocks now filled with BG's Hunting Clothes
The "dress-up" station
All SD's summer clothes (her winter clothes had to be stored in the attic)
The bottom half of her closet
Roller skates, suitcase and shoes!!!
SD was sleeping in her tent and it was the perfect opportunity to get some organizing done.  Her closet has needed some organization for a long time now!  I removed the "yafa" blocks and baskets that were in them and re-arranged the entire floor of the closet.  It seems so much roomier now and less cluttered.  We have been given so many clothes that I had to pack up all of her winter clothes and clothes for next summer and put them in the attic.  Thankfully, I was able to use the "Yafa" blocks in BG's hunting closet.  We have a utility closet that has the hot water heater and a utility sink.  There are shelves in there and we added a closet rod and hung all BG's clothes in there.  The problem is that when SD got her bunk beds, we had to move the "Wreath O Fun" into there and it really didn't work to have BG's clothes hang in front of it because the wreath is massive.  This gets all of his clothes away from the wreath and they are actually more accessible for him...just in time for hunting season!

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