Friday, September 3, 2010

Turning 32

I originally intended on posting this a long time ago...but it has been sitting in my drafts folder until now...better late than never.

So far 32 has been a great year!  It is crazy to think that I am healthier now than I was in my 20s.  Actually, BG and I got life insurance recently and we had a nurse come out to the house to do all of our vitals and tests.  I asked our insurance agent if I could get the test results for my personal use.  He kind of laughed because he had never had anyone ask for their results before, leave it to me :)  Turns out, I am so healthy that I got the best rate possible!  The cool thing is that it is locked in for 30 years :)  He said that he has only had a handful of people get that rate, so that made me really happy.

Even though my weight is not where it was 10 years ago (I know...two kids!)  I am in much better shape.  I am so much stronger and more fit than I was back then, even when I was training for my marathon.  I think I like getting older...okay, I know...tap the brakes! 

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