Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My youngest sister got married on the 2nd of October. We were once again all 4 in the wedding, and the kids did really well since they had done it before. It also helped that BG wasn't a groomsmen and instead an usher. He was able to keep them distracted as I walked down the aisle so that they would walk down on their own. The best thing about the wedding and being involved, is meeting new people and making new friends. There were a handful of Lauren's friends who I really connected with, which is not shocking since Lauren and I are a lot alike. One in particular is actually my friend now as well. It was fun to be the older sister to a couple of new girls who didn't have older sisters. Now if they would just tell my sisters that having an older sister is cool...Here are some funny stories from the wedding...

The night before the wedding two of Lauren's friends, myself and my mom were practicing bustling the dress. When Lauren put it on, there was still a pin in the back of the dress pointed right at her backside. She pulled up the dress and the pin went straight into her butt cheek, to which she responded "Oh S***" Thankfully SD was in the room and heard every word, which she then proceeded. Lauren apologized profusely and told SD that I was going to wash Lauren's mouth out with soap! SD hasn't said the word since, so hopefully she forgot about it! Thanks Lauren!

At the rehearsal dinner, SD met a new friend, a relative of the groom. The little girl was about her age and they had a blast running around together. She came up to me and told me that she had a new friend named Sophapia, funny thing is that we were at a Mexican Restuarant. I finally figured out that the little girls name was actually Sophie...too funny!

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