Friday, December 3, 2010

Weird Food Issues

So BG has so kindly pointed out that I have some really weird food issues. He will eat practically anything, but I have some very weird rules. Here are the ones that I have come up with for now, I am sure there are more:

1. I refuse to eat food from a gas station unless it is prepackaged such as Cheetos. I do not eat anything in the little rolling roasters, I will not eat their sandwiches, etc. I will not even eat in a restaurant in a gas station. My rule is that if you can get to the connected restaurant only by going out of the gas station and entering into another door, then it is safe, if go! This drives BG nuts, then again he likes Allsup's Burritos. BG has even gone so far as to take me to the stand alone restaurant of a chain that is normally connected to gas stations, because it is so good, but he knows that I won't try it if it is connected.

2. I don't really like meat in the morning. I am not a huge bacon fan, the thought of chicken in the morning pretty much grosses me out. I have heard that the Chick-fil-a breakfast sandwich is really good, but I just can't bring myself to try it. The only meat that I am sort of okay with is breakfast sausage. This is of course a carnal sin to my husband who has a love affair with pork, especially bacon!

3. I have a new theory about fried food....if you have to fry a food to make it edible, it is not food. The first food added to this theory group is catfish. Catfish is not edible unless it is fried, therefore it is not a food and I refuse to eat catfish, it totally grosses me out!

talk about gas station food, meat in the am

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