Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Friends

I got some interesting feed back from my blog yesterday, both in my comments section and in person. My husband's cousin (and my friend) told me it made him sad. It wasn't supposed to make you sad, well, okay, maybe a little sentimental and a touch sad. The MAN fan club talked about how it affects the husbands. Interesting thought, I am sure that my husband has felt the brunt of the change, or at least has to put up with me talking about it. Not only that, but MAN is right, guys do make friends easier and quicker, but most of the time they aren't as deep of friendships and maybe that is why it doesn't affect them as much when they leave or friendships are lost. Women on the other hand are precautios, we wait to see if they would make a good friend (almost like a dog sniffing to find the perfect place to pee). Once we do though, we are set on it and we begin a deep friendship which makes change really hard.

On a positive note though, God has put some amazing people in my life here in E-town. Not only has He blessed me with an awesome job at a Christian company (thanks L), but He has also taken some previous relationship's and matured and deepened them. They were seeds before, now He has added water and fertilizer and an amazing new relationship has blossomed (Mrs. L, aka Amy). He has given me some really cool co-workers that are becoming my friends and He has turned my focus to Him and my marriage for friendship, approval, comfort and security.

Maybe that is another reason for the move, I was getting a little to confident and secure in myself and needed to focus more on Him!

I am excited to see what God has in store for me, I know I will make new friends, have new experiences and continue to grow!

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Tessie said...

You are so right that being away from your comfort zone makes you rely on each other more for friendship. I like that it makes us our own little independent family. Even though we spend so much time together that we want to knock each other's block off sometimes.