Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Erin for All Seasons

I have been thinking about the seasons a lot lately. Here is North Texas I think we actually have seasons, Tessie pick up your chin off you desk, only because I grew up in South Texas where you had two "seasons" they were hot and hotter! I love how the weather gets crisp in the fall and I love when you finally get to break out your sandals again in April, sometimes March. It is so cool to see how everything around you is changing. I think we have seasons in life too. I was reading the devotional I get in my inbox each day and it said the following:

Whatever season in life you are in this Christmas, embrace it. There will be other times to do all those things you want to do. Or not. Whatever your situation is, trust that God is sovereign and He ordained for you to be where you are at this time, for His purpose. There is something to be gained from every season in life. The trick is to find that piece of wisdom God has for you in the midst of each season.

It was talking about Supermom and how she has left the building, so fitting for me this year. I am getting more relaxed in this season of my life. I am not as worried about the extreme cleanliness of my house. I am okay with myself if I wake up late and miss a day of working out. I am okay if my daughter does not get out of her PJs all day and has a cookie before she has dinner. There are things that are really hard about this season that I am in, like we don't have much discretionary income because BG is starting a new career. There is a lot I feel like I have not done, and sometimes it starts to freak me out. But, there are things that I absolutely adore about this season in my life... I love that my little girl adores me and just wants to be with me (can get slightly annoying when I can't walk because she is attached to my leg). I love that I am doing a job that is enjoyable and for the most part easy, yet gives me just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. I love that my husband is home more and not stressed out like he used to be. I love that we are in a new church that is really biblically challenging us to grow closer to Christ.

Like the devotional says, enjoy the season you are in. Don't waste the entire season waiting and hoping for the next one. Soak it all up, learn what you are supposed to from it and take it easy if it calls for it!


Tessie said...

I GUESS there are seasons here, they just don't last. Except for the HOT season.

This is a good post. Life is like living in Texas, it's hard to remember to enjoy things when the SUCKY seasons seem so much longer than the AWESOME ones.

Misty said...

I don't know why but I really like this post. Could be because of all of the changes I'm going through at this time in my life and knee jerk says to rebel instead of embrace... so thanks!