Friday, December 28, 2007

Cleaning up Christmas

I so enjoy this part of the Holidays. Not that I love picking up everything necessarily, but it is a time of organization for me, actually for BG as well. We got on the ball this year and over the past two days, we have gotten all of our Christmas stuff packed away and actually put it in the attic already. The only thing left is the lights on the roof, which is BG's job. I am sure he will do it next week some time, not that it matters since we won't have them go on anymore. The main reason we are so on top of things is because we are going out of town and we have a real tree each year. This in and of itself is a fire hazard, add to it that we have had it since the first weekend in December, and it just reeks of FIRE! So, that was our motivation. Why do I like this activity? Well, we LOVE Christmas, so we have a boat load of decorations which means all of our everyday stuff has to be stored away. So, after Christmas, I collect all of the decorations and clean all of the now empty surfaces before I put the regular stuff back out. It is nice to be able to dust table tops without having to move a million things. And, furniture is moved, so I got to clean behind some couches, etc. It is nice to have a clean house, something I truly cherish. Now, when I come back from being out of town, I can just relax, not try and hurry to get Christmas put away.

On a side note, update on SD. She was up from 1-4 on Christmas night and then 12-2 last night. I decided to finally take her to the doctor, hoping that it was something going on instead of a new pattern she was starting. Last night I started thinking that it was probably an ear infection, sure enough, I was right! I am sorry that I waited so long to take her, but at least now we know what it is and have medicine that will hopefully take care of it all!


Tessie said...

Crap! AD just had an ear infection too, her first one since the tubes. It's still 100 times better with the drops.

Have a great New Year!

Becca in Texas said...

OH my gosh! You are about the tenth person who has said they took down all their stuff. I am NOT ready. I need another week. I love my tree so much I want it to be a permanent fixture. The thought of taking it all down already makes me feel teary.