Sunday, July 13, 2008

Much Better!

I am feeling much better now. I think part of dealing with being depressed is letting yourself feel the emotions. My run did a world of good and so did some time with my family! I do want to address the different things that were making me feel sad though, one at a time. My philosophy is that it isn't right to just sit around and complain about things. I don't think it is fair to complain about something and not try and do something about it. To me it would be like you are sick and know it, but won't do anything about it. It is amazing what getting out there and facing your problems will do instead of letting them get the better of you! That is what the devil tries to get us to do, to wallow in our sorrow. God wants us to be joyful in every situation, so that is what I am choosing! I let myself feel upset, got the emotions out of the way, and then kept living!

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Becca in Texas said...

I am very glad you are feeling better. I will be praying for you tomorrow.