Friday, August 15, 2008

Energy Audit

BG called to get us signed up for an energy audit or something through Oncor. They came out to our house today and were working like crazy when I left this morning. They sealed all of our vents to make sure that the air was going straight out and not back into the attic. They checked all of the duct work and found that 3 or 4 of our ducts were not attached properly and fixed them (one of them being the master bedroom which explains why it is always warmer in there). They also re-insulated our attic, which desperately needed it! And they did all of this for half of the cost it normally is since Oncor pays for part of it! I can't wait to see our bills dropping rapidly! Only negative, BG says it smells like wet newspaper right now, that could get disgusting, but it is only supposed to last a couple of days! Better go light some candles!

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