Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flirty Skirty!

I finally got a running skirt. I was so excited because it was on clearance at Target for $5, a great deal considering they are usually $20. I would post a picture, but BG took the camera today, so I couldn't get one. Anyway, I decided to wear it today because I wanted to try it out on a not so long run, that way if I hated it, I didn't have to stay in it for over an hour. But I LOVED it! It is a little big (but it was cheap) so there is a little extra material, but overall, it fit really well. I was glad that it was lose, I don't like things being too tight, especially when I run. It was great to run in, the bike shorts underneath stayed in place and did not ride up into the vortex known as my inner thighs. My only complaint is that since it is a slick wicking material, my tank top would not stay down over the belly, I am thinking that if I had a longer tank top, it wouldn't have ridden up. The great thing is that I felt really cute and I think that transferred into my running. I definitely will continue to run in skirts and I am hoping to get some more. I might even try to get a running dress!

I wanted to wear my little skirt all day! I am not all that into wearing skirts on a normal basis, but I think I like the athletic skirt because it has shorts under it that are attached. You don't have to worry about being extremely lady-like, but you look feminine and sporty, which I love! I think that is why I like tennis outfits so much. Speaking of...a couple of years ago for my birthday, I asked BG to get me tennis stuff and let me take lessons. He did get me the stuff (a cute pink tennis racket and bag) and said I could sign up for lessons. Unfortunately, my city rec center cancelled the class because they didn't have enough people. I have been staring at my tennis racket and bag longing to take lessons and use it again. So, I looked on my city's website and they have lessons! And they are only $35 for a month. Hopefully I will be able to take them in October. I think this will be a great way for me to meet some people and hopefully get involved in a league or something. I would love to play tennis!


Therapy Mom said...

Seriuosly this is getting freaky! My MIL got me one for an early bday present...for my training and run in Nov! I ran this afternoon and felt like a total rockstar wearing it! You will LOVE it!

Becca in Texas said...

I am glad you liked it so much. I really want one because I know it will be better than my shorts, but until I get better at this I feel like I would look like a poser.

Maybe I will make it a goal to run a certain amount before I get one.

Amy Lynn said...

TENNIS!!!! I love tennis. This could be our hobby that we can do together without the kids and hubbies.... YIPPEEE