Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

Aren't they cute!

Random Friday thoughts...I think as a human race we are negative. It is like everything we talk about is complaining. I have felt very convicted of this lately and am trying to turn everything into a praise. Here is a start from what has happened this week:

  • Between my two kids and my new washing machine, I have not been able to get much sleep this week. Praise - Thank you Lord that I have two kids who need me. Thank you Lord that we were able to buy a new washing machine.
  • I have two snotty kids (from colds). Praise - Thank you Lord that I have insurance and can take them to the doctor. Thank you that it is a cold and nothing more serious than that.
  • I didn't get to run this morning because of above mentioned snotty kids, which doesn't help my belly fat issue. Praise - Thank you Lord that I am able to run and thank you for my belly fat, it means that I was able to carry two beautiful children.

So, what can you turn into praise today? I am really trying to radically change my thinking. The more positive we are, the more fun we are to be around and the less likely we are to drag others down!

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