Monday, August 18, 2008

Ready to Run

BG and I did a 5 mile run this weekend pushing both kids and it felt great! I am so thankful that he is running with me, it is so much more fun. He also is a great motivator for me. I am hoping that he will fall in love with running like I have and will do a long run with me some day. But, for now, I am happy that he is going with me. I am also glad that the kids will remember both of us running.

We also got new running shoes this weekend, which was great. I tried something is really hard for me to buy running shoes because I have big feet (don't laugh, I am slightly sensitive about this). Anyway, I had found a pair of shoes but they were more than I wanted to spend and they were not the brand that I like (Saucony). I started walking toward BG and the men's shoes and saw a pair of Saucony that I liked, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them on. The cool thing is that what fits in a man's shoe is much more common than the women's size I would need, so they are more readily available. I am going to try this from now on! More variety in men's shoes, of course I doubt I will find a pair of hot pink or purple shoes, but I can survive with blue or green!

Oh, and our jog stroller wheel is going out. BG had to get some tire repair stuff while out getting shoes and hopefully it is fixed!


Therapy Mom said...

Yeah for you guys! I was talking to my sis yesterday about pushing the stroller...she pushed Chrissy Anderson's baby a few weeks ago..we decided that we should add at least a mile to our total just for pushing! It's tough work!
A pound a week...that's great! I'll be praying for ya!
Keep it up!

Erin said...

At least! And pushing two, whew! It is at least 70 pounds! The kids weigh 45 together, not to mention the weight of the stroller. It is part of my "training!"

Erin said...
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Becca in Texas said...

I am very happy for you. I know absolutely that I will never get J to do that with me. I had to take today off because of my shoulder and it is bothering me a ton. I cannot wait until tomorrow night. I have my Ipod all charged and ready to go.