Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A day in the life

SD is at a really funny age right now. The past two days she has made me laugh, a lot. Here are some new SDisms.

Yesterday we were running and she told me that we needed to catch up to her friends (there was no one out there that we knew). I told her that I needed more power, so she started patting her legs like they do on Little Einstein, it was pretty funny!

Last night, we were all in her room and I asked her where all her toys buckets had gone, she told me that Mommy took them away, which was true! At least she is getting it.

This morning, she looked at my MIL and told her "I got in trouble" then she made her sweetest most innocent look and then said "And that is not good!" My MIL could barely tell me the story she was laughing so hard!

It is always entertaining to see what she will say next.

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I'm sending you the "I heart your blog award"!!! It's on $5 Dinners! Pass it on to 7 others (I just did 3!) and share the bloggy love!