Saturday, September 13, 2008

Running with an Audience

This morning we went out for a 5 miler. I probably should have done 6 since I missed last week and need to do seven next week, but it was all I could do to get my hiney out the door! Since Hurricane Ike's rains and winds were going to hit the metroplex, we got going pretty early. Thankfully, we made it home before it started raining too badly, we just got sprinkled on a little. The good thing is that it wasn't hot and the rain really cooled me off. The bad news is the wind was pretty strong. BG didn't go with me and that made it much harder, I really enjoy his company and the ability to trade off who is pushing the stroller.

Anyway, I took the kids, although SD through a fit at first, about what I am not really sure, she really enjoyed it once she got in the stroller. She chatted like normal and was cracking me up. At one point, we ran by a house that had been "papered" or as some people call it, TP'ed. She was kind of confused as to what it was, but in the end decided that they were noodles hanging from the trees! Then, when it started to rain, I used a blanket to cover the kids more, SD thought that was so much fun and told me it was a flag! She made it a little difficult to keep them dry because she kept playing with it. Then she said "I got wet Mommy!" well yeah, you kept moving the blanket! Linus, he just relaxed and enjoyed the ride, talked a little and slept a little!

I am glad that I went for my run, but man am I tired today! Running long runs is a lot harder when you have two little ones that still need lots of attention!

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