Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girly Girl the Clothes Horse and Shoe Queen

SD is officially a little girl! I can not believe it! My sisters are going to be very excited.

When she was really little and crawling, she had all these really cute Gap dresses and she didn't wear them very often, mainly because it is hard to crawl in a dress. Now, the child is obsessed with dresses. She is always saying "My pretty dress" and twirling around. She is obsessed with the Disney Princesses and shoes! She is all girl. The hard part is that it is hard to find dresses that are for play clothes, not Sunday School. I just went on Old Navy and found some cute little cotton dresses for the Fall/Winter, but most of the dresses she has are for church.

This morning it took her forever to get dressed. She had to pick out her clothes, I gave her a couple of options to pick from, and she wanted a dress. We don't really have a dress that is appropriate for the cooler weather (they are all sundresses), so I tried to get her to wear a skirt and t-shirt, but she didn't want that. She finally settled on wearing a long dress-like shirt and leggings. Then we moved to the shoes. The first ones she picked out didn't fit (or match) so I suggested socks and her cute keds, but she didn't like the way they fit and told me they were "too small." So she is wearing her hot pink and turquoise Mickey Mouse crocs with her outfit (not a great match, but not totally hideous!). Then she went into her closet to get bows, I was about done at this point! Thankfully I got her to sit still long enough for me to put her hair in two french braids which I think looks adorable!

My friend Pippin has two little girls and her older one did this very thing! Not sure what age she started or if it is over, but it looks like SD is going to be "girly" for a while. I guess I will have to rethink my fall clothes choices for her and look for dresses and tights! I guess she will enjoy Ballet!

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Loni said...

My girl loves dresses and all things girly, as well.

When she was smaller, everyone wanted to buy her super girly things and I said no. I didn't want that perception to be given to her through her toys, etc.

Well, God must have given it to her because she is such a girly girl now!