Friday, October 31, 2008


I would venture to say that Facebook really isn't cool anymore. Why you ask? Well, because everyone is on it (including yours truly). I remember a couple of years ago my two younger sisters, who are always on the cutting edge, were talking about it. I was so confused by the whole concept and I actually thought it was kind of creepy. Now, I am on it. It is crazy though because there are people who are on it that I would have never expected, for one, my husband! He totally does NOT embrace technology, yet he signed up for it yesterday. I told him it would be really good for him and his business to do it, it is a great networking tool. Not only that, but most people at my company are on it. They are all very technology savvy and have it linked to their twitter and their blog and all sorts of stuff.

Facebook is kind of like anything else, it is really cool because it is new and exciting. Then everyone finds out about it and it just isn't as cool anymore. That being said, I like it and it is interesting, but I am still really bad at it!


All Things Red said...

Do you mean "twEEter"??

Hee hee - we're old, just admit it. But we're at least trying to be like the 'cool kids'. hahahaha

PS - I got a hit on my blog from Sri Lanka!!!

The MAN Fan Club said...

Would you and your family like to come over Friday the 7th? The men could go play cards and you could get some girl time in too. We'd like for you to spend the night and on Saturday talk house business with us. IF we are looking to move back to MO next summer 1) could we sell our house in this market 2) if so, when should we list it 3) what could we do to make it more marketable?

Let us know. The wife was supposed to call this weekend.


The MAN Fan Club said...

Wife did it. Good luck with that.